Ola Athletic Association

Requirements to Coach at Ola

1. Prospective Coach must register to Coach on our website.

2, Prospective Coach must complete HCPRD Background Check located at Henry County Parks and Recreation Department Background Checks. A copy of the badge must be provided to the OAA Registrar at registrar@olabaseball.com.

3. Prospective Head Coach must complete online coaches training and provide a copy of the course certificate to the OAA Registrar at registrar@olabaseball.com . Training sites are located on our web page at Coaches Resources/ Online Coaches Training Sites.

*Assistant Coaches do not have to complete this training but it is highly recommended.

4. Once approved, Coach must become a member of the Ola Athletic Association IAW by-laws of the association. The price of membership is $5 for an individual and $7 for a family. Membership is good for 1 year from date of payment.

5. The coach will be provided an OAA Coaches Contract at the first scheduled coaches meeting of the season. The contract must be filled out, signed and returned to the OAA Registrar.

6. The coach will be required to attend 1 Coaches Clinic per season to be provided by the OAA, typically through a 3rd party. If there is a fee, OAA will cover this fee.

7. The coach will be required to attend all events designated as MANDATORY by the OAA Board.

This list is not to be considered all-inclusive. For more details or information, please contact the OAA Vice President at vicepresident@olabaseball.com.

Checklist for 2017 Spring Season can be found here.


There are no upcoming events.