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Player Scholarship Requests

Ola Athletic Association is committed to providing a program that allows every child to play baseball at N Ola Park. Our mission is to offer an affordable program for our players and families while maintaining the financial health and sustainability of the league.

A limited numbers of scholarships are available based on the league's annual budget, community sponsorships received, and the overall number of registrations. Because scholarship funds are limited, scholarship applicants must meet certain financial criteria, as noted below, and certify that they qualify. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information to prove the player is eligible for a scholarship. Please do not ask for a scholarship if you have the ability to pay. This applicant is entirely confidential and will only been viewed by OAA Scholarship Committee.

In addition, families applying for a scholarship acknowledge that the league is run solely by volunteers and there is an expectation that parents of scholarship recipients will give back to the Ola Athletic Association in any way they can, whether by providing assistance to their child's team, volunteering at the concession stand, or serving on the board.

To qualify for a scholarship, your annual household income must be at or below the limits listed below:

Number of people
in household

Annual income (including all sources of income before taxes for all members of the household)
1 $21,775
2 $29,471
3 $37,167
4 $44,863
5 $52,559
6 $60,255
7 $67,951
8 $75,547

For more info, please email us at: scholarship@olabaseball.com

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