Ola Athletic Association

Uniforms for 2017

Here are the uniform requirements for the 2018 seasons:

Player provided:

Helmets -Black helmets are preferred. Metallic helmets will not be allowed. There are several local outlets where you can purchase a helmet including Academy Sports and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Pants -

Head Coach will tell you what color pants are needed at the first team meeting. .

Cleats -

Rubber Cleats for all ages 4U-12U.

14U may wear Metal Cleats (some fields may not allow Metal Cleats on pitching mounds)

Under Armor / Compression layers -

Although not required, it is strongly encouraged as it will help keep body heat in to help prevent injury especially to the arm and shoulder for pitchers.


Official Rule:

All bats must have the USSSA Thumbprint.


Each player must provide their own fielder's glove.

Catchers will need a catcher's mitt. Talk to your Head Coach before purchasing.


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